Update to the Early Marriage Index

Registry of Deeds reading room

Registry of Deeds Reading Room
By permission of Nick Reddan

The Irish Genealogical Research Society’s Early Irish Marriage Index has been updated again. With a further 2,500 entries added, it now contains just short of 58,000 references to alternative sources for Irish marriages and approximately 127,500 names of brides, grooms and their parents.

The creator of this fast growing, widely accessed and completely free online resource is IGRS Fellow and Vice-President, Roz McCutcheon. Here’s what she told us about one of the more unusual record sources from which she has drawn for the Index: “While many of the marriages in this latest update are drawn from obvious sources, such as newspapers and marriage licence bonds, I’m very pleased to note that the number of marriages noted from the Registry of Deeds now stands at just under 6000.  These are the result of the hard work put in by the band of volunteers who are currently producing a more comprehensive online index to the Registry of Deeds than the original hardcopy volumes.  This wonderful resource has been closed to most researchers until recently, due to the very sparse indexes available.  Too often it has often been dismissed as being concerned only with the landed classes, yet I have found a huge variety of people mentioned there from the very beginning.  In three marriage settlements I have indexed in the past month, the grooms were a butcher from Derry, a farmer from Donegal, and a tallow chandler from Limerick.”

We’re sure you’ll agree that the Index is a fantastic resource which is helping genealogists worldwide to reconnect with their Irish ancestors, despite Ireland’s lack of extensive early primary records.

Happy ancestor hunting!


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