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The Library of the Irish Genealogical Research Society is internationally recognised as the most important collection of Irish genealogical materials in private hands. For an overview of what it contains, see Unique Resources. A more detailed description can be viewed by members in the Members-Only Area of this website. The Library is of most use to those who have already researched their family back to 1850 or so. IGRS membership includes free access to the Library; non-members are charged £10 per afternoon visit.

The IGRS currently has a welcome temporary home with the Society of Genealogists (SOG) at their premises at Charterhouse Buildings, Goswell Road, London EC1M 7BA. Map.

As previously, the IGRS Library will be open only on Saturdays. However, to fit in with the SOG schedule, our operating times are slightly amended; we will be open from 1.30pm to 5.30pm.

While we are very grateful to all at SOG for their help and welcome, our space there is limited and this is very much a temporary arrangement while we seek a more permanent solution.

The bulk of the Library holdings have been placed in store, but we have locked away most of our unique holdings.
Some of these are at Goswell Road and others are being held by Library volunteers.

The principal holdings available during this interim period are:

IGRS members do not need to be members of SOG to visit the Library; you will be issued with a special temporary pass to the IGRS section for the day.
  • Old Box File & New Box File collections of family manuscripts (these include the Michael Leader manuscripts and the Rosemary ffolliott manuscripts)
  • Francis-Jane French collection
  • Michael Leader Parish Register collection
  • all volumes of O’Kief, Cosh Mang
  • We also hold many further digitised collections on the Society laptop

If you are planning to visit the Library, please contact us in advance, by email, so that we can arrange to bring in files or retrieve them from the Goswell Road store prior to the Saturday opening.

As the Society is run entirely by volunteers, unfortunately we cannot undertake detailed research other than to offer a quick ‘look-up’ service.

Photocopying and scanning
Photocopying and scanning from books and manuscripts held by the Irish Genealogical Research Society is only allowed providing that the material will not be republished in any form, either printed or electronic, without the express written permission of the Society. Under copyright laws, you are allowed to copy up to 5% of a work or one chapter of a printed book in copyright, but not allowed to republish or post on the Internet without the permission of the author of the book or article or owner of manuscript material. Copyright of material does not end with the death of the author, but remains with their heirs for 70 years after death.

Upcoming closure dates:
28 December – SOG closure
4 January – SOG closure

Opening times
Saturdays from 1:30pm to 5:30pm, (except those which fall on bank holiday weekends or over the Christmas and New Year period.)




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