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Street references – Dublin directory 1803

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Street nameMap referenceCross StreetLink to map reference
Abbey StreetM10-O10Capel streetGo to map
Lower Abbey StreetO10-Q9Not foundGo to map
Aldboro HouseR6Not foundGo to map
Allen CourtJ12MullinabackGo to map
Amiens StreetR7-S6Not foundGo to map
Andrews StreetO12William streetGo to map
Anesley BridgeT3Not foundGo to map
Anglesea StreetO11College greenGo to map
North Anne StreetK9-L10Linen hallGo to map
South Anne StreetO13-P13Dawson streetGo to map
Anne's ChurchR13Not foundGo to map
Arbour HillG10-H10BarracksGo to map
Ardee RowNear Ardee Street?New marketGo to map
Ardee StreetJ15PimlicoGo to map
Arran QuayJ11Queen streetGo to map
Arran Streetsee East or West Arran StreetNot foundGo to map
East Arran StreetL11Ormond quayGo to map
West Arran StreetJ11Arran quayGo to map
Ash StreetJ14-K14lower CoombeGo to map
Aston's QuayO10-P10Hawkins's streetGo to map
Audoen's archK12Cook streetGo to map
Audoens ChurchK12Not foundGo to map
Aughrim StreetF7-G8Manor streetGo to map
Aungier StreetN13-N14South great George's streetGo to map
Back LaneK13-L13Corn marketGo to map
Baggot StreetR14-T16Merion streetGo to map
Balls BridgeX17-Y17Not foundGo to map
Balls LaneK9-L9Not foundGo to map
Ballybough BridgeT3Not foundGo to map
Barns Cock HillL12Winetavern streetGo to map
Barrack BridgeH11Watling streetGo to map
Barrack StreetG11Queen streetGo to map
Barrow StreetV12-V13grand canal docksGo to map
Bason LaneF13-F14Not foundGo to map
Batchelor's WalkO10lower Ormond quayGo to map
Bedford LaneK10Not foundGo to map
Bedford Rownear Bedford Lane?Fleet streetGo to map
Beggars BushX15Not foundGo to map
Belle StreetP7-R6Gloucester streetGo to map
Belvedere PlaceO5-P6Mountjoy squareGo to map
BelviewH13-H14Not foundGo to map
Benson StreetW10-W11Sir John Rogerson’s quayGo to map
Beresford PlaceQ9Abbey streetGo to map
Beresford StreetK9-K10North King streetGo to map
Bethesda ChapelM7Not foundGo to map
Binns BridgeO3Not foundGo to map
Bishop StreetM15-N15Kevan streetGo to map
Black Horse LaneB7-E7Not foundGo to map
Black PittsK16Ward's hillGo to map
Blackall StreetI10Queen streetGo to map
Blackhall rowL13- not markedNicholas streetGo to map
Blaquiere BridgeK5Not foundGo to map
Blenham StreetP9-Q9Not foundGo to map
Blessington StreetL6-M6Dorset streetGo to map
Blue Coat HospitalH10Not foundGo to map
Bolton StreetL8-L9Capel streetGo to map
Bonds LaneK16-L16Not foundGo to map
Bonham StreetH12-I12Watling streetGo to map
Boot LaneL10-L11Mary's abbeyGo to map
Bow BridgeE13-E14Bow laneGo to map
Bow LaneE13-F13Not foundGo to map
Bow LaneN14Not foundGo to map
Bow StreetJ10Bow laneGo to map
Boyne StreetS12Grand canal dockGo to map
Great Boyne StreetV13-W13Not foundGo to map
Brabazon RowJ14-J15New marketGo to map
Brabazon StreetJ15upper CoombeGo to map
Braithwaite StreetI14PimlicoGo to map
Bride StreetM14-M15Werburgh streetGo to map
Bride's AlleyL13Bride streetGo to map
Bridewell LaneI11-J11W Arran streetGo to map
Bridge Foot StreetI11-I13Queen's bridgeGo to map
Bridge StreetK12Cook streetGo to map
Lower Bridge StreetSee Bridge Streetold BridgeGo to map
Old Bridge StreetSee Bridge StreetNot foundGo to map
Upper Bridge StreetK12Corn marketGo to map
Britain LaneM9great Britain streetGo to map
Great Britain StreetM9-N8Capel streetGo to map
Little Britain StreetL9-L10Capel streetGo to map
Great Britan QuayW14-X12Not foundGo to map
Broad StoneK7Constitution hillGo to map
South Brown StreetI16Weaver's squareGo to map
North Brown-streetJ9Not foundGo to map
Brunswick StreetI9-K9Grand Canal docksGo to map
Great Brunswick StreetS11-W12Not foundGo to map
Buckingham StreetQ6-R7Summer hillGo to map
Bull AlleyL14Patrick streetGo to map
Bull LaneL10-L11Pill laneGo to map
Byrnes HillJ15Not foundGo to map
Cabbage GardenL15-M15Not foundGo to map
Cabragh LaneE5-F6Prussia streetGo to map
Cachow LaneK10-L10Not foundGo to map
Camac BridgeF18Not foundGo to map
Camden StreetN16-N17Kevan's portGo to map
Canal HarbourG14Not foundGo to map
Canal PlaceG13Not foundGo to map
Capel StreetL9-M11Essex bridgeGo to map
Carman HallK13-K14Francis streetGo to map
Caroline RowR5-R6Summer hillGo to map
Carslile BridgeO10-P10Not foundGo to map
Carters LaneJ10Not foundGo to map
CastleM12Not foundGo to map
Castle GardenM13-N13Not foundGo to map
Castle MarketN12-O13South Great George's streetGo to map
Castle StreetM12Corn hillGo to map
Cathedral LaneM15Kevan streetGo to map
Cathedral LibraryM14Not foundGo to map
Cathedral PalaceM14-M15Not foundGo to map
Catherines ChurchI13Not foundGo to map
Cavendish RowN7-O8Rutland squareGo to map
Cecilia StreetN11Crow streetGo to map
Chambre StreetJ15Ardee streetGo to map
Chancery LaneM13Bride streetGo to map
Chapel YardK12-L12Cook streetGo to map
Charlemont BridgeP18Not foundGo to map
Charlemont HouseN7Not foundGo to map
Charlemont StreetO17-P18Charlotte streetGo to map
Charles StreetU12Not foundGo to map
Great Charles StreetP6-Q5Not foundGo to map
Charlotte QuayV12-X11Grand canal docksGo to map
Charlotte StreetO17Camden streetGo to map
Charter SchoolZ1Not foundGo to map
Chatham StreetO13Grafton streetGo to map
Cheerytree LaneH12-H13Not foundGo to map
Cherry LaneL9-M8Bolton streetGo to map
Chester StreetN16Not foundGo to map
Chicken LaneH9Manor streetGo to map
Christ Church LaneL12High streetGo to map
Christ Church YardL12Fishamble streetGo to map
Church LaneO12Not foundGo to map
Church StreetSee North, Upper or Old Church StreetNot foundGo to map
Upper Church StreetK9Not foundGo to map
Circular RoadA12-D15Not foundGo to map
City BasonF14-G15Not foundGo to map
City MarketK13-L13Not foundGo to map
City QuayR10George's quayGo to map
Clanbrassil StreetSee New StreetHarolds' crossGo to map
Clanbrassill BridgeL19Not foundGo to map
Great Clarance StreetU10-U13Not foundGo to map
Clare StreetR12-R13Leinsier streetGo to map
Claredon MarketO13Not foundGo to map
Clarendon MarketO13Clarendon streetGo to map
Clarendon StreetO12-O13Exchequer streetGo to map
Clarke BridgeS4-S5Not foundGo to map
Close AlleyL14Not foundGo to map
Cole AlleyI14-J14Not foundGo to map
East Cole AlleySee Coles AlleyCastle streetGo to map
West Cole AlleySee Cole AlleyMeath streetGo to map
Coleriaine StreetK9Not foundGo to map
Coles alleyM12=M13Not foundGo to map
Cole's LaneN9Henry streetGo to map
Cole's Lane MarketN9Moore streetGo to map
College GreenO11-O12Dame streetGo to map
College StreetP11Grafton streetGo to map
Commons StreetS8-S9North WallGo to map
Constitution HillK8upper Church streetGo to map
Conyngham BridgeU14Not foundGo to map
Cook LaneH12Watling streetGo to map
Cook StreetK12-L12Winetavern streetGo to map
CoombeJ14-K14see upper and lower CoombeGo to map
Lower CoombeK14Francis streetGo to map
Upper CoombeJ14Ardee streetGo to map
Cope StreetSee Cope Street South or NorthNot foundGo to map
North Cope StreetP9-Q8Marlborough streetGo to map
South Cope StreetN11-O11Anglesea streetGo to map
CopingO13Not foundGo to map
Copinger RowO13William streetGo to map
Copper AlleyL12-M12Fishamble streetGo to map
Cork BridgeJ15Cork streetGo to map
Cork HillM12Dame streetGo to map
Cork StreetH16-J15Cork bridgeGo to map
Corn MarketK12-K13High streetGo to map
Cowley PlaceL3-L4Royal circusGo to map
Crampton CourtM11-M12Dame streetGo to map
Crampton QuayO11Aston's quayGo to map
Crampton StreetM11-M12Not foundGo to map
Crane LaneH13Not foundGo to map
Crane StreetSee Crane LaneNot foundGo to map
Cross LaneL9Bolton streetGo to map
Cross Poddlesee PoddleNot foundGo to map
Crow StreetN11-N12Dame streetGo to map
Crown AlleyO11Temple barGo to map
Cryllis YardI14Not foundGo to map
Cuffe StreetN15-O15St Stephen's greenGo to map
Cullenwood RoadO19-P20Not foundGo to map
Cumberland StreetSee North or South Cumberland StreetNot foundGo to map
North Cumberland StreetP7-P8Meckenbugh streetGo to map
South Cumberland StreetS11-S12Hamilton rowGo to map
Custom HouseQ9Not foundGo to map
Cutpurse RowK13Corn marketGo to map
Dame CourtN12Dame laneGo to map
Dame StreetN12College greenGo to map
Dame Street (little)N12Not foundGo to map
Darby SquareL13Werburgh streetGo to map
Dawson StreetP12-P14St Stephen's greenGo to map
Denmark StreetN9Not foundGo to map
Denzille StreetS12-T12Hamilton's rowGo to map
Derry StreetK9Not foundGo to map
Digges LaneN16Stephen streetGo to map
Digges StreetN16Not foundGo to map
Dogs and Duck YardJ12Not foundGo to map
Dolphin's BarnF18-G18Dolphin's Barn laneGo to map
Dolphin's Barn LaneG17-H16Cork streetGo to map
Dominick StreetM8-N8great Britain streetGo to map
Dorset StreetM6-M8See upper or Lower Dorset streetGo to map
Lower Dorset StreetSee Dorset StreetBolton streetGo to map
Upper Dorset StreetM6-O4Drumcondra laneGo to map
Dowkers LaneK17-L17Not foundGo to map
Drury LaneN13-O12Stepben streetGo to map
Dublin CastleM12Castle StreetGo to map
Duck LaneJ10SmithfieldGo to map
Duke LaneP13Duke streetGo to map
Duke StreetP13Grafton streetGo to map
Earl Streetsee North or South Earl StreetNot foundGo to map
North Earl StreetI14-J15Henry streetGo to map
South Earl StreetO9Meath streetGo to map
Eastmoreland PlaceT16Not foundGo to map
Eccles StreetL5-N6Dorset streetGo to map
Echlin LaneG13James's streetGo to map
Elbow LaneJ14- see Little or Great Elbow LaneCastle StreetGo to map
Great Elbow LaneJ14Not foundGo to map
Little Elbow LaneJ14upper CoombeGo to map
Elephant LaneO9Sackville streetGo to map
Elizabeth StreetL5-M5Royal circusGo to map
Ellis's QuayI11-J11Queen streetGo to map
Ely PlaceQ14-Q15Hume streetGo to map
Engine AlleyJ14Meath streetGo to map
Erne StreetT11-T12Holles streetGo to map
Essex BridgeM11Capel streetGo to map
Essex QuayM11Essex bridgeGo to map
Essex StreetM11-N11Temple barGo to map
Eustace BridgeR17Not foundGo to map
Eustace StreetN11-N12Dame streetGo to map
ExchangeM11-M12Not foundGo to map
Exchange StreetM11-M12Not foundGo to map
Lower Exchange StreetM11-M12Essex gateGo to map
Upper Exchange StreetSee Exchange StreetCork hillGo to map
Exchequer StreetN12-O12Grafton streetGo to map
Fade StreetN13South great George's streetGo to map
Fair ViewU2Not foundGo to map
Female Orphans HouseF6-G6Not foundGo to map
Fish StreetW8-W9North wallGo to map
Fishamble StreetL12Castle streetGo to map
Fisher's LaneL10-L11Pill laneGo to map
Fitz Gibbon PlaceS19Not foundGo to map
Fitz Gibbon StreetP6-Q5Not foundGo to map
Fitzwilliam SquareR15-R16Baggot streetGo to map
Fitzwilliam StreetR17-S14Merion squareGo to map
Fleet StreetO11-P11Temple barGo to map
Flood StreetH11Silver streetGo to map
Florinda PlaceM5-N5Royal circusGo to map
Forbes StreetU10-U11Sir John Rogerson's quayGo to map
Fordham AlleyK14-K15CoombeGo to map
Fortricks LaneR2-S3Not foundGo to map
Four Courts MarshalseaI12Not foundGo to map
Fownes's StreetN11-N12Dame streetGo to map
Francis StreetK13-K14lower CoombeGo to map
Frederick StreetSee North or South Frederick StreetNot foundGo to map
North Frederick StreetN6-N7Rutland squareGo to map
South Frederick StreetP13-Q12Molesworth streetGo to map
French StreetN14-N15York streetGo to map
Fumbailes LaneK16-L16Not foundGo to map
Fumbally's LaneK16-L16 See Fumbailes LaneNot foundGo to map
Galway WalkF12-G12Watling streetGo to map
Garden LaneK14Not foundGo to map
Gardiner StreetO5-Q9See North or South Gardiner streetGo to map
Lower Gardiner StreetP8-Q9Bererford placeGo to map
North Gardiner StreetN5-P7Upper Dorset streetGo to map
South Gardiner StreetQ9Bererford placeGo to map
Upper Gardiner StreetN5-O6Mountjoy squareGo to map
Gardiners PlaceO6Mountjoy squareGo to map
Gardiners RowN7-O6Not foundGo to map
George's HillL10Mary's laneGo to map
George's QuayQ10George's streetGo to map
George's StreetO10George's quayGo to map
North Great George's StreetO7Not foundGo to map
South Great George's StreetN12-N13Dame streetGo to map
GlassmanogeK6-K7Not foundGo to map
Gloster PlaceQ7Not foundGo to map
Gloster StreetR10-S10Moss streetGo to map
Gloucester StreetO8-R7Marlborough streetGo to map
Glovers AlleyO14Not foundGo to map
Golden LaneM13-M14Stephen's streetGo to map
Goodmans StL14Not foundGo to map
Gordons LaneO18Not foundGo to map
Grafton StreetO13-P12College greenGo to map
Granby PlaceN8Granby rowGo to map
Granby RowM7-N8Rutland squareGo to map
Grand Canal HarbourG14Portland streetGo to map
Grand Canal QuayU11-U13Grand canal docksGo to map
Grand Canal StreetU13-W14Denzile streetGo to map
Grants RowT13Not foundGo to map
Grattan StreetT13lower Mount streetGo to map
Greek StreetK10-K11Mary' s laneGo to map
Green StreetL9little Britain streetGo to map
Greg's LaneO8Not foundGo to map
Grenville StreetO6-P6Mountjoy squareGo to map
Griffith BridgeB17Not foundGo to map
Guild StreetT8-T9Not foundGo to map
Halston StreetSee Halton StreetMary's laneGo to map
Halton StreetL10Not foundGo to map
Hamilton RowS12Not foundGo to map
Hammond LaneJ11-K11old Church streetGo to map
Hanbury LaneI13-J13Meath streetGo to map
Hanover QuayV11-W11Grand canal docksGo to map
Hanover StreetS11-X11Lower CoombeGo to map
West Hanover StreetK14lower CoombeGo to map
Harburton BridgeD18-E18Not foundGo to map
Harcourt LockB17Not foundGo to map
Harcourt StreetO15-O17Cuffe streetGo to map
Harecourt PlaceR12-S12Not foundGo to map
Hatch StreetO17-Q16Leeson streetGo to map
Hawkins's StreetP10-P11Townsend streetGo to map
Hay MarketI11-J11SmithfieldGo to map
Hendrick StreetI11Queen streetGo to map
Henrietta LaneL8Not foundGo to map
Henrietta StreetL8Bolton streetGo to map
Henry StreetN9-O9Mary streetGo to map
High StreetK12-L13Skinner rowGo to map
Hoey's CourtM13Werburgh streetGo to map
Holles StreetT12-T13Merion squareGo to map
Horse SquareG10-G11Not foundGo to map
Hospital for IncurablesS20Not foundGo to map
Huband BridgeU15Not foundGo to map
Hume StreetQ14St Stephen's greenGo to map
Inchicore RoadA14-D14Not foundGo to map
Island BridgeA12Not foundGo to map
Island StreetH12-I12Bridgefoot streetGo to map
Jackson AlleyI14PimlicoGo to map
James's GateH13James's streetGo to map
James's StreetE14-H13Thomas streetGo to map
Jervis StreetM9-M10great Britain streetGo to map
John StreetJ12-J13Not foundGo to map
South John StreetI15-J15PimlicoGo to map
John's LaneL12Fishamble streetGo to map
West John's streetH11Thomas streetGo to map
Johnsons CourtP13Not foundGo to map
Kennedy's LaneL13Nicholas streetGo to map
Kevin StreetL15-M15PoddleGo to map
Lower Kevin StreetL15-M15 See Kevin StreetNot foundGo to map
Upper Kevin StreetM15-N15Not foundGo to map
Kevin's PortN16Redmond hillGo to map
Kildare PlaceQ13-Q14Kildare streetGo to map
Kildare StreetQ12-Q14Stephen streetGo to map
KilmainhamB15Not foundGo to map
Kilmainham GoalA14-A15Not foundGo to map
King StreetSee North or South King StreetNot foundGo to map
North King StreetI10-K9Bolton streetGo to map
South King StreetO13-O14St Stephen's greenGo to map
King's Inns QuayK11-L11Ormond bridgeGo to map
Kings StoresS10-T11Not foundGo to map
Kinmainham RoadC14-D14Not foundGo to map
Latouch BridgeO19Not foundGo to map
Leeson StreetQ15-R17St Stephen' s greenGo to map
Leinster HouseQ13Not foundGo to map
Leinster StreetQ12-R12Nassau streetGo to map
Liffey StreetN10See Upper or Lower Liffey streetGo to map
Lower Liffey StreetN10Ormond quayGo to map
Upper Liffey StreetN10Abbey streetGo to map
Limerick AlleyL14Francis streetGo to map
Linen HallK9Not foundGo to map
Linen Hall StreetK9North King streetGo to map
Lisburn StreetK9Linen hall streetGo to map
Loftus LaneL9-M9Capel streetGo to map
Lombard StreetS10-S11Townsend streetGo to map
Long LaneL16-N16New streetGo to map
Great Longford StreetN13Aungier streetGo to map
Little Longford StreetN13-N14Aungier streetGo to map
Longford StreetSee Great or Little Longford streetNot foundGo to map
Love LaneH6-I17Brown streetGo to map
Luke StreetQ10Townsend streetGo to map
Lurgan StreetL9Linen hallGo to map
Mabbot StreetQ8-Q9Beresford streetGo to map
Macarthey BridgeT16Not foundGo to map
Malpas StreetK16-L16New streetGo to map
Manor StreetH9Stoney batterGo to map
Maquay BridgeV13Not foundGo to map
Marine SchoolT10Not foundGo to map
Mark StreetR11Townsend streetGo to map
Market HJ13Not foundGo to map
Market HouseH14Not foundGo to map
Mark's AlleyK14Francis streetGo to map
Marlborough GreenP9Marlborough streetGo to map
Marlborough StreetO7-P9Abbey streetGo to map
Marrowbone LaneH15-I14Thomas courtGo to map
Little Mary StreetL10Not foundGo to map
Mary StreetM10-N9Capel streetGo to map
Mary's AbbeyL10-M10Capel streetGo to map
Mary's LaneJ10-L10Church streetGo to map
Mass LaneI12Not foundGo to map
May LaneJ10-K10Bow streetGo to map
Mayor StreetR9-Y9North strandGo to map
Meath RowJ13Thomas streetGo to map
Meath StreetJ14Thomas streetGo to map
Mecklenburg StreetP8-R7Marlborough streetGo to map
Mercer StreetN14York streetGo to map
Merchants QuayK12-L12Usher's quayGo to map
Merion RowQ14Baggot streetGo to map
East Merion SquareS14-T13Not foundGo to map
North Merion SquareR13-T13Not foundGo to map
South Merion SquareR143-S14Not foundGo to map
Merion Square WestSee Upper Merion StreetNot foundGo to map
Lower Merion StreetR12Merion squareGo to map
Upper Merion StreetR13-R14St Stephen's greenGo to map
Michael's LaneL12-L13High streetGo to map
Mill LaneK15Mill streetGo to map
Mill RaceF12-G12Not foundGo to map
Mill StreetJ16-K16Ardee streetGo to map
MillraceX16Not foundGo to map
Mitre AlleyL14-L15Kevan streetGo to map
Moland StreetQ9Gardiner streetGo to map
Molesworth StreetP13-Q13Dawson streetGo to map
Monk PlaceJ5PhishoroughGo to map
Montague StreetN16-O16Camden streetGo to map
Montgomery StreetQ8-R7Mebbot streetGo to map
Montpelier HillE11-F10Arbour hillGo to map
Moore LaneN8-O9great Britain streetGo to map
Moore StreetN8-O9great Britain streetGo to map
Moss LaneR11-S11Townsend streetGo to map
Moss StreetR11Townsend streetGo to map
Mount BrownE14James's streetGo to map
Lower Mount StreetT13-U14Not foundGo to map
Upper Mount StreetT14-T15Not foundGo to map
Mountjoy PlaceP6-Q7Monntjoy squareGo to map
Mountjoy SquareO6-P6Gardiner streetGo to map
Mountrath StreetL11Pill laneGo to map
Mt PleasantP19-Q20Not foundGo to map
MullinabackJ12Not foundGo to map
Nassau StreetP12-Q12Grafton streetGo to map
New 4 Courts Public OfficesK11Not foundGo to map
New Church StreetJ10-J11SmithfieldGo to map
New GoalL9-L10Not foundGo to map
New House of IndustryJ8Not foundGo to map
New MarketJ15-K15Chambre streetGo to map
New RowK15-L13Not foundGo to map
South New RowK15-L15PoddleGo to map
West New RowJ12Thomas streetGo to map
New SquareH10Not foundGo to map
New StreetL15-L19Kevan streetGo to map
Newcomen BridgeS5Not foundGo to map
Nicholas StreetL13Patrick streetGo to map
Nugent PlaceR6Not foundGo to map
NunneryR19Not foundGo to map
Off LaneO9Moore streetGo to map
Old BridgeK11-K12old Church streetGo to map
Old Church StreetK10-K11Old BridgeGo to map
Old Circular RoadC15-F17Not foundGo to map
Old Circular RoadG18-N18Not foundGo to map
Old GaolC14Not foundGo to map
Old House of IndustryJ9Not foundGo to map
Ordinance StreetS10Not foundGo to map
Ormond BridgeL11-L12Wood quayGo to map
Ormond MarketL11Ormond quayGo to map
Lower Ormond QuayM11-N11Bachelors walkGo to map
Ormond QuayL11-N11See upper or Lower Ormond quayGo to map
Upper Ormond QuayL11-M11Essex bridgeGo to map
Ormond StreetI15Weaver's squareGo to map
Oxmanton GreenH10Not foundGo to map
Palace RowN7Rutland squareGo to map
Palace StreetN12Dame streetGo to map
Paradise rowM6Dorset streetGo to map
ParagonS18-T19Not foundGo to map
Paridice RowM6Not foundGo to map
Park Gate StreetE11-E12Barrack streetGo to map
Park PlaceO11Townsend streetGo to map
East Park StreetR12Leinster streetGo to map
East Park StreetSee Park StreetLeinster streetGo to map
West Park StreetK14Ash streetGo to map
ParliamentO11Not foundGo to map
Parliament StreetO11Cork hillGo to map
Parnell BridgeI19Not foundGo to map
Patrick StreetL14Nicholas streetGo to map
Patten AlleyM12Not foundGo to map
Pauls WalkI10Not foundGo to map
Pembroke LaneM12Not foundGo to map
Pembroke StreetR14-R16Leeson streetGo to map
Peter StreetM14Bride streetGo to map
Peters RowN14-N15Not foundGo to map
Petticoat LaneL10little Britain streetGo to map
Phenix StreetJ11Hammond laneGo to map
Phibsborough RoadJ5-K5Not foundGo to map
Pill LaneK11-L11old Church streetGo to map
PimlicoI14-J14Ardee streetGo to map
Pitt StreetP13Harry streetGo to map
Plunket StreetK13-L14Francis streetGo to map
PoddleL15Patrick streetGo to map
Pool StreetI14-I15Braithwait streetGo to map
Poolbeg StreetP10-Q10Hawkins streetGo to map
Portland PlaceH14Donnybrook roadGo to map
Portland StreetR17-S19Not foundGo to map
Porto BelloN17-O18Kevan's portGo to map
North Prince's StreetN10-O9Drogheda streetGo to map
South Prince's StreetR10City quayGo to map
Prussia StreetG7-H8Manor streetGo to map
Public Offices New 4 CourtsK11Not foundGo to map
Queen BridgeI11Not foundGo to map
Queen StreetI10-I11Arran quayGo to map
RanelaghQ20-R20Not foundGo to map
Ransford StreetH13-I13Thomas courtGo to map
Redmond HillN16Kevan's portGo to map
Redmond-courtL12Not foundGo to map
RichmondS2Not foundGo to map
RingsendY11South wallGo to map
Ringsend BridgeX12Not foundGo to map
Road from NavanA6-A7Not foundGo to map
Road to ClontarfT3-Z1Not foundGo to map
Robert StreetH13-H14Not foundGo to map
Roper's RestI18-J18Not foundGo to map
Rosemary LaneL12Merchants quayGo to map
Ross LaneL13Bride streetGo to map
Royal CircusL5-L6Eccles streetGo to map
Royal HospitalC13-D14Not foundGo to map
Royal InfirmaryD10Not foundGo to map
Royal SquareG10Not foundGo to map
Rutland SquareN7-N8great Britain streetGo to map
Rutland StreetQ6-Q7Not foundGo to map
Sackville StreetO8-O10great Britain streetGo to map
Salute BatteryB11Not foundGo to map
Sand QuayH11Not foundGo to map
Sandwich StreetS11-T12Not foundGo to map
Sarah BridgeA12Not foundGo to map
Schoolhouse LaneK12Not foundGo to map
Shannon StreetW12-W14Grand canal docksGo to map
Sherrard StreetO5North Gardiner streetGo to map
Sherriff StreetR8-Y8Not foundGo to map
Great Ship StreetM13Stephen's StreetGo to map
Little Ship StreetM13Werburgh streetGo to map
Ship StreetSee Great or Little Ship StreetNot foundGo to map
Silver StreetH11Barrack streetGo to map
Simpsons LaneN9Not foundGo to map
Sir John Rogerson's QuayS10-X10City quayGo to map
Skinner RowL13Castle streetGo to map
Skinners AlleyK14-K15Not foundGo to map
Skippers LaneK12Not foundGo to map
SmithfieldJ10North King streetGo to map
Smock AlleyM12Fishamble streetGo to map
SpittlefieldsK14Mark's alleyGo to map
St Andrews ChurchO12Not foundGo to map
St Andrews LaneO12Not foundGo to map
St James ChurchG13Not foundGo to map
St John WellA13-B14Not foundGo to map
St John Well Burial GrounndA13-B14Not foundGo to map
St Kevins ChurchN15-N16Not foundGo to map
St Lukes ChurchK15Not foundGo to map
St Mark's ChurchR11Not foundGo to map
St Michan's ChurchK10-K11Not foundGo to map
St Particks HospitalF13Not foundGo to map
St Patricks CathedralL14Not foundGo to map
St Pauls ChurchI10Not foundGo to map
St Paul's Church WalkSee Pauls WalkNot foundGo to map
East St Stephen's GreenQ14-Q15Hume streetGo to map
North St Stephen's GreenO14-Q14Dawson streetGo to map
South St Stephen's GreenO15-Q15Leeson streetGo to map
St Stephen's GreenO14-Q15Not foundGo to map
West St Stephen's GreenO14-O15York streetGo to map
Stafford StreetM9-M10Abbey streetGo to map
Stephen StreetN13South great George's streetGo to map
Stevens HospitalF12Not foundGo to map
Stevens LaneF11-F13Not foundGo to map
Stirrup LaneK10Not foundGo to map
StonybatterI9North King streetGo to map
Great Strand StreetM11-O10Capel streetGo to map
Little Strand StreetM11- [not marked]Capel streetGo to map
Suffolk StreetO12Grafton streetGo to map
Summer HillP7-R5great Britain streetGo to map
Summer StreetI14-I15Marrowbone laneGo to map
Swan AlleyK12Cook streetGo to map
Swifts AlleyJ13-K13Not foundGo to map
Swifts RowN11Not foundGo to map
Sycamore AlleyN11-N12Dame streetGo to map
Synot PlaceN5Not foundGo to map
Taylors LaneI14Not foundGo to map
Temple BarN11-O11Fleet streetGo to map
Temple LaneN11-N12Dame streetGo to map
Temple StreetO6-P7Not foundGo to map
Tenter FieldsH14-I15Marrowbone laneGo to map
The LotsO10Not foundGo to map
The StrandR9-T3Not foundGo to map
The TerraceS19-T19Not foundGo to map
Thomas CourtI13Thomas streetGo to map
Thomas StreetH13-J13James's streetGo to map
Tighe StreetI11Barrack streetGo to map
Townsend StreetQ11-R11Fleet streetGo to map
Trinity PlaceN12Trinity streetGo to map
Trinity StreetO12College greenGo to map
TripoliI14Not foundGo to map
Tuckers RowK16-L16Not foundGo to map
Tuckers RowO9-P9Not foundGo to map
Turf YardO18Not foundGo to map
Turnagain LaneM8Not foundGo to map
Tyrone HouseP8Not foundGo to map
Union StreetP10Bachelor's walkGo to map
Usher StreetJ12Usher's quayGo to map
Usher's CourtJ12Usher's quayGo to map
Usher's IslandH11-I11Usher's quayGo to map
Usher's LaneI12-J12Usher's streetGo to map
Usher's QuayJ11-J12Old bridgeGo to map
Vanx StreetR16-S16Not foundGo to map
Vicar StreetJ13Thomas streetGo to map
East WallY7-Y9Not foundGo to map
North WallR9-Y9North strandGo to map
South WallY10-Z11Not foundGo to map
Wapping StreetV8-V9North wallGo to map
Ward's HillK15Mill streetGo to map
Warren MillK16Not foundGo to map
Warrington PlaceT15-U13Baggot streetGo to map
Water RowL11upper Ormond quayGo to map
Watling StreetH11-H13James's streetGo to map
Weaver's SquareI16Not foundGo to map
Wentworth PlaceT12-T13Holles streetGo to map
Werburgh StreetL13-M13Castle streetGo to map
Westmoreland BridgeL3Not foundGo to map
Westmoreland RowR20-S19Not foundGo to map
Westmorland streetO11-P11 not markedFleet streetGo to map
White Friar LaneN14Not foundGo to map
White Friar StreetM14Stephen streetGo to map
White's LaneM5-N5Not foundGo to map
William StreetO12-13Stephen streetGo to map
Williams LaneL16Not foundGo to map
Winetavern StreetL12Merchants quayGo to map
Wolfe alleyK12- not markedBridge streetGo to map
Wood QuayL12Ormond bridgeGo to map
Wood StreetM14Whitefriar streetGo to map
WorkhouseE14-F14Not foundGo to map
Wormwood GateJ12Cook streetGo to map
Yarn hall streetL8-L9 not markedBolton streetGo to map
York StreetN14-O14St Stephen's greenGo to map

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